CASC Scholarships

Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada (CMC) supports applications for the three CASC scholarships administered by CMC:

Alexander Fraser Laidlaw Fellowship  (graduate students only) sponsored by Laidlaw Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada;

Amy and Tim Dauphinee Scholarship (graduate students only) sponsored by Ontario Credit Union Foundation;

Lemaire Co-operative Studies Award (undergraduate or graduate students).

In addition to the monetary awards, winners of all three scholarships are awarded a free one-year membership in the Canadian Association for Studies in Co-operation (CASC) as well as free registration at the CASC conference.

For information on the scholarships and how to apply for scholarships, please visit the Cooperatives and Mutuals Website.

Past CASC Scholarship Award Recipients

CASC/ACÉC Merit Award

Do you know a deserving CASC/ACÉC member?

The CASC/ACÉC Award of Merit is to recognize an individual’s outstanding leadership and contributions to the field of co-operative studies, their mentorship of students and others in understanding the intricate workings of co-operatives, and to acknowledge their ongoing support of CASC/ACÉC.

CASC/ACÉC recognizes that we have many leaders in our midst who have contributed in a variety of ways to raising the profile of co-operatives and co-operative studies through their research on the co-op model.

The award is one way to recognize the contribution researchers make to addressing the real life challenges cooperators face, documenting insights, and chronicling the vibrant growth of the movement. Past winners of the award include Alain Roy, Jack Quarter, Ian MacPherson, Yair Levi, Lou Hammond Ketilson, Leslie Brown, Sonja Novkovic, Greg MacLeod, Marie Bouchard, Donna Balkan, Daniel Côté, Brett Fairbairn, William Nelson, Jessica Gordon-Nembhard, Denyse Guy. And J.J. McMurtry.

Current CASC/ ACÉC board members are ineligible for nomination; board members whose term is expiring at the time of the award or plan not to renew their term may be nominated.

Based on member nominations, the award is typically presented at the banquet at our annual conference.

Past CASC Merit Award Recipients