Full Scholarship at Toyo University’s Global Innovation Studies Program

Our Collegue, Hajime Imamura, Toyo University, informs us about a very interesting full scholarship for the students wishing to study in the new department in Tokyo from 2017. All the lectures are done in English.

Prof. Imamura would be the director of this Department of Global Innovation Studies aiming at educating innovative and creative leader with ambitious entrepreneurship and leadership. If you are interested in the new department please look at below URL


They offer full scholarship in addition to exemption from paying tuition fees and related cost, students will be given (no need to return) 150,000 Yen/Month (1,800,000 Yen/Year) during 4 years of study in the department of Global Innovation Studies. Total numbers of scholarships are 30 students /year.

However, deadline for Internet application is approaching. It ends at Friday, November 4th 2016 of Japan time (GMT +9).

Attached is the information for admission and scholarship.
And also, you can find precise information in the below URL


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