Congress 2021

Our annual conference will take place virtually between June 2-4 as part of Congress 2021.

Our theme this year is Northern Alternatives: Democratizing and Decolonizing Co-operative Theory and Practice.

Congress 2021 turns our attention to the North and invites northern peoples—Indigenous and non-Indigenous—to lead the conversation. Although the North has a prominent place in the Canadian national imaginary, it is a place that too few know and understand as they could. The CASC theme, “Northern Alternatives: Democratizing and Decolonizing Co-operative Theory and Practice,” encourages delegates to explore, listen, and learn from different ways of knowing, to democratize and decolonize co-operative theory and practice, to share alternative visions of how we might respond to some of the most pressing matters of relation (to the land, to each other) in the North and between North and South: climate change, food sovereignty, governance, social justice, reconciliation, reciprocity, education, and a just recovery. Co-operative enterprises have historically brought together diverse groups of individuals to meet their economic, social and cultural needs and aspirations. In the current crisis conditions, this conference will discuss what racialized and marginalized communities have contributed to the co-operative movement and reflect critically on how effectively (or not) the co-operative movement has been democratized and decolonized to make spaces where diverse people from the North and the South can come together in solidarity to advance northern alternatives and a just recovery for all. 

We have an exciting and inspiring line-up of keynotes, presentations, roundtables, and interactive sessions for this year’s conference. The preliminary program will be made available the first week of April. 

You can register here. Early bird registration fee discount expires on March 31st.

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