Annual Conference – Final 2008 Schedule, June 5th

SESSION 1A Chemistry 300 – Cooperatives and Sustainability I, 9:15am – 10:45am

  • Greening the Co-operative movement: Adding the third leg of sustainability
    • Jennifer Sumner
  • Co-operatives and the environmental challenge
    • John Anderson
  • Co-operative Marketing of Organic Field Crops in Saskatchewan: Record and Prospect
    • Jason Heit & Michael Gertler

SESSION 1B Chemistry 124 – Cooperatives and Sustainability II, 9:15am – 10:45am

  • Alternative Energy and Sustainable Development A Cooperative case of study
    • Silvina Gilberto
  • Cooperatives- A Key for Sustainability
    • Lynn Hannley
  • From the Inside Out: Nurturing Co-operation in Co-operatives
    • Joy Emmanuel

SESSION 2A Chemistry 300 – Governing Oral Institutions: How co-ops function, and could function, in essentially oral societies, 11am – 12:30pm

  • Practice aspects of institutional governance in oral villages in Cambodia
    • Yang Saing Koma,
  • Oral information media and culture as driving factors in the shaping and managing oral institutions & urban-managed development projects in developing countries
    • Twyla Gibson
  • Oral institutions, community-based microfinance & orality
    • Brett Matthews
  • Agency and governance in cooperatives in oral communities in developing countries
    • Ian MacPherson

PANEL Chemistry 200 JOINT SESSION WITH ANSER WHAT’S IN A NAME? 1:30pm – 3:00pm
Chair: Michael Hall, Imagine Canada, Toronto, ON

  • Vic Murray, University of Victoria, BC
  • Jack Quarter, OISE/University of Toronto, ON
  • Lou Hammond-Ketilson, University of Saskatchewan, SK
  • Darryl Reed, York University, ON

SESSION 2B Chemistry 300 – Cooperation and Mobilization: Building Food Security through the Canadian Social Economy Research Projects, 3:15pm – 4:45pm

  • Mobilization around Food Security within the Canadian Social Economy Research Partnerships: A National Scan
    • Liesel Carlsson and Patty Williams
  • L’utilisation plus grande de compost comme intrant organique dans les cultures par les fermiers du Sud-Est du Nouveau-Brunswick
    • Danièle Courchesne
  • The Harvest Moon Society Local Food Initiative: Building Social Capital through and Alternative Food Economy.
    • C.R. Anderson and S.M. McLachlan
  • ·CCEDNet : Cooperative Community Development and Food Security Networks
    • Elizabeth Morrison

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