CASC Action on Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Decolonization

CASC launched its 2021 Conference with an Indigenous panel on Economic Reconciliation followed by a keynote presentation in which Dr. Jessica Gordon-Nembhard called our attention to evidence of systemic racism in the co-operative movement. In response to the challenges identified in these sessions and elsewhere, CASC, in the coming year will engage board and membership on what further actions we can take in addressing socio-economic, cultural, and cognitive justice. Our plan is to review what we have done and ask for input on what we might do in the future to diversify membership, governance, and participation. Members have been active on these issues and we will check with them on what each is committed to doing in the coming years. The Board itself will continue to focus on publications related to the theme of diversity and aims to sign the Federation’s Charter. We are providing free membership and registration and will look to designate seats on the board and new scholarships and awards for BIPOC students and community. We look forward to hearing from our membership and to taking on the challenge of making CASC a more inclusive association.

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