A very special release: “Concern for Community: The Relevance of Co-operatives to Peace,” by Dr Ian MacPherson and Dr Yehudah Paz, edited by Joy Emmanuel

This is a new e-book on the history, theory, and practice of co-operatives and peace by the late Dr Ian MacPherson and the late Dr Yehudah Paz.

As part of several initiatives focused on co-operatives and peace, Ian and Yehudah were working on this publication at the time of their unfortunate passings in November 2013. Concern for Community: The Relevance of Co-operatives to Peace contains the distillation of the author’ convictions on how peacebuilding is at the core of the co-operative model of enterprise and how co-operatives can make a fundamental contribution to peace making initiatives.

Vivian Silver, Former Co-Executive Director, AJEEC-NISPED, Israel: This book is part of the legacy of two men who deeply believed in cooperatives as a value-based tool for development, as well as the role of the co-operative movement in brokering peace.

Charles Gould, Director General of the International Co-operative Alliance: The co-operative movement has not yet been awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace, but this book makes one hopeful that it might one day be more fully acknowledged for its role in promoting an ideal longed for with more urgency in recent days.

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