Dr. J.J. McMurtry Receives CASC Merit Award

2. Dr. J.J. McMurtry Receives CASC Merit Award

With great joy, we announce that the recipient of the Merit Award of the Canadian Association for Studies in Co-operation (CASC) in 2019 is Dr. J.J. McMurtry! The award is presented each year to individuals who have demonstrated significant contributions to teaching and research on co-operatives, both in Canada and internationally.

McMurtry is an associate professor of business and society in the Department of Social Science, where he has taught and done research on co-operatives and the broader social economy since his appointment in 2004. McMurtry has received numerous grants to fund his research and has published widely on co-operatives and the social economy. His particular areas of research interest include: renewable energy co-operatives; sustainable food co-operatives; the social economy and Indigenous communities; and the historical and theoretical foundations of co-operation and the social economy.

McMurtry has also served on the board of CASC and is active in a variety of international social economy organizations. He was also involved in the founding and operation of numerous co-operative enterprises.

McMurtry was presented with the award by longtime colleague and collaborator and CASC Board Member Darryl Reed, during the banquet dinner of our 2019 conference in Montreal.

In his acceptance speech, McMurtry asserted the importance of collaboration between co-operative practitioners, educators and researchers. He also argued for the the potential fruitfulness of collaboration between the co-operative sector and higher education by emphasizing the fact that co-operatives, like universities, are democratically controlled, work for a public good and have education as a core component of their mission.

We’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate Dr. McMurtry once more and thank him for everything he has done to advance the study and practice of co-operation in Canada and beyond.

Thank you and congratulations J.J.!

CASC Board of Directors

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